We are proud and excited to offer our patients the convenience of an in-house gym!

Our gym allows us to offer Personal Training to improve your body’s performance.

Performance is:

Cardiovascular/ respiratory endurance

Personal Training and Movement therapy

We offer one on one and small group training with a heavy emphasis on bodyweight movements and functional training.

Core and Cuff

Two areas of the body that receive a great deal of attention are the lower back and the rotator cuff shoulder complex. These are the two most commonly injured areas and it is felt that people fall into three groups; post-surgical with continued pain, injured and trying to avoid surgery, and soon to be injured.

Golf Boot Camp

For every ten degrees loss of rotation ten yards is lost on distance. This small group training to improve the golf swing, by focusing on flexibility, balance, and rotational strength.


One Hour $50.00

Half Hour $35.00

Small-Group $20.00/ class

Some insurance companies will pay for 15 min of therapeutic exercises! Make sure to check with your provider.

Exercise intentionally not Habitually

We often exercise our strengths instead of our weaknesses. This can be seen in any gym on any given day. Runners on the treadmill with no upper body strength that can’t perform pushups, bodybuilders that can’t touch their toes and yogis that can’t squat more than their body weight.

Now that I have offended everyone in the gym, let me explain. Interests and body types lead us into subsets of exercise. while each of the above can become a lifestyle and have specific strengths, they inherently also have shortcomings in other areas. some more than others. This combined with exercising with injuries and overtraining leads to faulty movement patterns. The body is great at compensating for these, however, this compensation leads to further imbalance and increased the chance of injuries or chronic pain. In practice, I have seen accomplished yoga students that can’t balance on one foot from joint instability. Bodybuilders that lift metric tons on a daily basis yet have been debilitated by putting a plate in the dishwasher, and runners that have one hip of an 80 year old full of arthritis and the other untouched. These are all examples of imbalance that should have been corrected.

In addition to what we do for training, we have to look at the efficiency of our time exercising. In a 30 year study that looked at the amount of exercise and the incidence of death, it was found that the zero to couch potato groups had the highest mortality rate. The group that exercised the most had the second-highest death rate. Prolonged exercise has been shown to lead to acidity, inflammation, adrenal stress and hormone changes. We need to be efficient with our time and minimize imbalances that keep us sidelined.